5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Personal Brand Online

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As a professional business person we all know how to be successful at our companies. Whether it’s arriving to work on time, or managing employee expectations properly, these are all workplace cultural norms at which we thrive. However, business itself is changing in light of new technological advances in today’s era of digital marketing. Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms like Instagram are revolutionizing the way we present ourselves, and communicate with others.

You probably already manage your personal brand at in-person meetings, and in the way you conduct yourself in the workplace. Though, nowadays having an online presence is essential to your success. Social media, and blogging play a large role in your online exposure, and in this article we’ll give you 5 easy tips to cultivate your personal brand online.

Start a blog

Starting a blog isn’t as difficult as it seems. A blog is a great way to get your message out to the world, and share your expertise and experiences on various topics. WordPress and Tumblr are easy ways to create blogs based on pre-designed templates. Tagging is very important in blogging, as it helps users to find your content. Therefore, don’t forget to add a large number of appropriate tags to each of your blog posts. Tumblr uses tags extensively, and you won’t want to forget them. Let’s say you’re writing a piece on personal branding, and you want to post your article to your Tumblr blog. You’d probably want to include tags such as marketing, PR, branding, personal branding, digital marketing, and online content. This will help users searching for these terms on Tumblr to find your article. If you’re wondering if blogging is for you, reading our article on the reasons you should be blogging might help you make a decision.

Use Twitter every day

Many active Twitter users agree: it does take some time to fall in love with Twitter. However, it is well worth the investment. Sign up for an account, and design your page to mimic your blog (if you already have one). Then, start searching for thought leaders in industries that you’re passionate about. Follow these thought leaders, and consider adding them to specific lists based on their industry. In time, you’ll develop relationships with other Twitter users, and you’ll be able to share relevant content using various related hashtags. Don’t forget to tweet regularly, though, as after you’ve built up a follower count, you’ll want to push your content their way. The more followers you amass, the more your brand recognition.

Connect with others

Cultivating your personal brand for digital marketing is also about connecting others. Networking events pale in comparison to the types of networking goals that can be achieved through digital marketing. Networking can also be easily conducted online via Twitter, LinkedIn, or other social media sites. Guest blogging is one way to invite thought leaders to sound off on your blog, or you can even request to write guest blogs for other sites. You might also want to consider getting connected with digital events like webinars. Many marketing professionals offer webinars on topics ranging from social media to SEO. This is a great way to stay up to date on digital marketing trends, and continuously improve your online personal brand image. Even better, after you develop your online brand, you can even offer your own webinars in your own areas of expertise.

Develop a content calendar

Developing a content calendar can help you to stay organized, and on track. The more often people see your content, the more recognition you gain. Consistency is key! You don’t have to invest on expensive software simply use Google Docs, or even a paper calendar to plan your blog posts in advance. You can also pencil in guest blogging opportunities, as well as events you’ll be attending. Jamie Griffiths has written a post on Convince & Convert about content calendar ans shared a free template as well. Remember, events are a great reason to share tweets, or Instagram photos! However, don’t forget to check your content calendar a few times each week to ensure that you’re up to date. If you do miss a scheduled post you can push all your content forward a bit, but it is best to stay on track to manage your follower’s expectations.

Promote your content

Now that you’re blogging, and promoting your posts via Twitter, and other social media sites, you’ll want to ensure that you coordinate the logistics of your posts to manage follower expectations. If you usually post every day, or week, your followers will come to expect that. Once you have a large, and dedicated fan base, steering off your usual course could incite frustration amongst your audience. To manage your posting schedule, try a service like Sprout Social or Buffer. These services will allow you to create your posting schedule in advance. All the professional bloggers use tools of this nature, and plan their content calendars months in advance.

Another creative way to promote your content is through your email signature. All digital marketing professionals know this trick. Simply edit your email signature in your email client’s settings to include your various social media profiles. If you’re running a special campaign, or want to drive traffic to a specific post, you can even include a one liner like “Check out my most recent blog post on Online Marketing & Networking Tips to Help You Grow Your Business!”

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