A Day In The Life Of A Blogger

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So, what is a day truly like for a freelance writer and blogger? When you think about the life of freelancer, pictures of a hipster in glasses comes to mind, maybe typing away on a laptop in the corner of a coffee shop.

The stereotypes abound, but the truth is there are many different types of writers and bloggers. You have stay-at-home mom bloggers, the college grad, entrepreneurial blogger, and the fashion blogger among others.

Working online, writing and blogging, comes in different forms but requires a lot of skills.

There are, in fact, many steps to creating a good blog article, doing content marketing, and managing the social media aspects of it all. A writer’s schedule is flexible, yet involves many tasks.

Every blogger’s day starts off differently. Depends on lifestyle, kids or no kids, married or single, etc. But, what happens when a blogger sits down to work?

Let’s go through an example day in the life of a Blogger…

Checking Stats

Many bloggers check live stats in the morning to see how their blog is doing with Google Analytics and other search engines. Is the visitor count up? How long are people spending on the site? Are their any technical issues?

Keeping a check on the stats can give you a direction to take for the rest of the day.

If visitors are leaving quicker than usual, for example, you may need to re-assess your design, navigation, or content.

The Writing

This is where the real bulk of the work begins. From content marketing to daily posts, bloggers are immersed in massive amounts of writing. Writing stuff that people actually want to read will come easy on some days and be much more challenging on others.

You will write social posts, guest posts, possibly articles or freelancing work, and then of course the posts on the blog.

Completing a blog post is not just about the writing either.

You must:

  • Write
  • Edit
  • Format
  • Add media

And …

  • Syndicate

The syndication is all about getting the content seen. Just because you put it out there, does not mean anyone is going to see it or read it. This brings us to the next portion of a blogger’s day…


Social Media and Marketing

You now know where you are at with your stats and have your content written, but what do you do with it? Once you hit “publish” a whole new set of work begins, the social media and sharing part. You must take those posts and spread them around on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and all those other lovely social outlets.

You will also want to connect with readers and respond to comments. Engage and interact. Replies, yep that is more writing.


Guest Posts, and Newsletters

Then you have guest posts for other bloggers and newsletters. Can you see the amount of writing you have to do growing by leaps and bounds? This one may not be an everyday thing, but guest posting and creating newsletters for your subscribers takes time. Often a lot of it, and again you must edit, format, and share.

Matt Cutts of Google recently mentioned that Guest Blogging is dead. I however like the exposure they bring (if done right), so it is up to you to decide where you want to go with Guest Blogs.

Contributing to the Blog Community

One of the best things about blogging is being part of a supportive community. You need the time to connect with other writers and bloggers. You can comment and share their works while sharing your own. It is all about support and having fun too.

There are many groups and networks to join, as well as, weekly “link parties” where you can share certain posts.

Goal Check

To stay on top of this immense and growing landscape, you need a bit of time every day to plan and goal check. Are you meeting your goals for the week? Are you growing and engaging? Do you have your writing and content scheduled and planned?

There is a lot to do, so staying organized and keeping the big picture in mind is essential.


Between ever changing Google algorithms, there is always more to learn. Technology changes so fast and what used to work for writers and bloggers often does not anymore. Article marketing is in one day and out the next. Facebook conversations are great one day and then not.

You certainly don’t have to attempt to follow the advice of every “guru” out there, but keeping up with your education is important. If you are writing and blogging professionally, then you must treat it like a profession. Go with the tide and learn along the way.

To say that being a writer and blogger is a ton of work would be a huge understatement. We aren’t doing it for the prestige. But, blogging and writing has huge rewards. You are always growing and expanding as a person while getting to share with a community of people with similar passions. Besides, you get to write about what you love, what’s not to like about that!? And, if you can help a few people along the way, all the better!

A day in the life of a blogger? Now you know 🙂

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