A little insight into who we are

What is communication?
When it is stripped of all it’s jargon, and at it’s rudimentary truth it is the idea of making a few noises or actions and being able to put a picture in someone’s mind. It is you making the noise “car” and someone instantly knowing what you are talking about.

We are fascinated by this idea! The idea and science behind saying something, the idea and science behind the text you see and the images you notice making you think of something or making you feel a certain way. ThoughtMill is built around the philosophy of pushing this idea and the science to it’s limits. We want to create maximum reach whenever your company communicates, be it through ads, social media, PR, TV commercials or billboards. Every time your company says something we want create impact.

This has been one of our strengths. Though we have been in the market for a number of years once we found our niche in content marketing and communication management we’ve soared and helped all our customers soar in the process. Almost all of our clients are through referrals. And if you are reading this but haven’t heard of our company before, you are one of the other few. If you or your firm is interested in seeing how we could work together please write to us a detailed mail of what you might be interested in discussing. This would help us get back to you sooner. We would love to hear from you.

ThoughtMill is where the flow of fresh ideas never stops. Based out of Bangalore, India ThoughtMill is a next-gen ad and marketing agency. We focus on staying ahead of the curve with creative ideas, and at the same time innovating them. This is where creativity and innovation meet.