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Why You Should Outsource (And When You Shouldn’t)!

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Money spent on outsourcing in all business activities has continued to climb between 10-20% over the last decade. An estimated $6 trillion dollars globally as a matter of fact!

Running a small business can be rewarding and overwhelming all at the same time. You have a vision of what you want your business to look like, but you may not have all the resources and know how to make it happen. This makes outsourcing an essential component to grow your business.

“If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you’re putting yourself out of business.” ~Lee Kuan Yew

In our digital age, outsourcing and virtual assistants have become the norm of online business. It can be challenging to give up the control to aspects of your business, but let’s face it, you just cannot do it all yourself. If you try, you’ll end up frustrated and burned out in no time. And, that will not do you or your business any good.

One of the best small business tips you can follow is to keep as much cash flow coming in and as little going out as possible in the beginning. This may sound simplistic, but as we all know, money can disappear quickly. By hiring a virtual assistant online, you can keep expenses low and re-invest back into your business.

Chris Ducker is a virtual staffing expert and recently wrote a book titled ‘Virtual Freedom‘. The book is great resource if you want to get in-dept with this subject. Meanwhile we’ve given you a few main reasons you should outsource work to a virtual assistant and some reasons not to…

When Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a Great Idea:

  • When you have something you just cannot do.

There may be something you need to get completed for your business that you just have no clue as to how to accomplish it. Hiring someone to help is a great idea when this is the case. If the job is something that you cannot teach yourself how to do in a short period of time, help is worth the cost. It can save you a lot of time and headaches in the long run to go ahead and get the assistance you need.

  • When you have massively time-consuming tasks.

There are some things that need to be done for your small business, but take up so much time and effort. That is time you could be focusing on something more important to grow and expand. By outsourcing tasks like these, you can free yourself up to get your business making more money. Can I get a “Cha-Ching!”? 🙂

And Here are Some Circumstances When it May Be Best NOT to Outsource:

  • When you need to learn.

If you have a task that you are going to need to be doing a lot of for your business, it may be time to learn. Is there an online class you can take, an article you can read, or a YouTube video you can watch to learn how? Some tasks that you may not be able to do now, you could learn quickly with a little effort. Putting some time into your self-education could keep you from having to hire out small tasks often. Learning and being deeply involved in your business can make it so much more rewarding.

  • When your reputation is on the line.

You must remember that your brand is a reflection of you. You are using your voice to get your products, messages, and services out into the world. It is important to monitor and stay involved with your business to make sure you are being represented the way you desire. Outsourcing tasks like social media sharing is fine, but make sure your assistant can stay true to your brand’s voice. Otherwise, you may find yourself in need of some serious reputation recovery.

  • When you love what you do.

If there are things that you enjoy doing for your business, then go ahead and do them! Why outsource the things you love! Your involvement in the tasks that make you happy is essential to business growth. If you love writing blog posts, but hate social media, write the posts and outsource the latter.

The point of outsourcing is to make sure every aspect of your business is handled the best way possible. Sometimes this will mean letting go complete control of some tasks to bring greater focus to others.

Outsourcing part of your business to virtual assistants can give you the relief you need to enjoy your business and life!


Reference if needed: International Association of Outsourcing Professionals

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7 Reasons Why Building Your Own Business is Fun

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“Never start a business just to make money. Start a business to make a difference.” – Marie Forleo

Building your own business can be powerful in a life alternating way. With the right attitude and purpose you can also have a great deal of fun with the process.

Being an entrepreneur or business owner has its own unique challenges and it’s far from easy. But, the rewards go above and beyond the alternatives out there. With some wise small business tips, creative scheduling, and persistence, you can enjoy great freedom!

Here are just a few of the reasons building your own business and brand can be so much fun…

You Are Your Own Boss

Being your own boss comes with more responsibility sure, but it trumps sitting in a cubicle being told what to do any day! Want to make more money? You can scale up your business. Want to contract with your best friend? Go ahead. Sink or swim, at least you are in control.

You take the risk, but you are also the one who reaps the reward, not someone else.

You can control your destiny. You can build your dreams rather than making someone else’s dreams come true.

You Get to Figure Out Stuff

Marie Forleo is also famous for saying “Everything is figureoutable.”

Figuring out the process is part of the fun!
Running and growing your own business expands your knowledge base and personal self exponentially. I know of no greater way to learn than getting in there and doing.

Like a child building with blocks creating bigger and greater structures all the time, you can watch the process of your business grow!

Thrive on challenges rather than getting stuck in a rut. A good challenge is the fuel success needs!

You Can Change if You Want To

Do, test, adjust, and repeat. If something isn’t working in your business, you have the authority to change it. No red tape or bureaucracy to cut through. Want to give your website a makeover, hire different employees, or adjust your products and services, you can do so. You choose whom you work with and what you work on.

Again, it’s all about controlling your destiny and that of your business. Are you seeing the pattern here?

 Work and Then Live Life

Since you don’t have to ask permission to change your schedule, you can adjust your work to your life. Want to meet your partner for lunch in the afternoon, feel free to do so. Need to work at six in the morning so you can make it to your kid’s game or dance recital? Go ahead. No longer are you stuck in someone else’s nine to five.

You may have more to do, but you choose when to do it.

Work life balance? You’ve totally got that!

Follow Your Passions 

You want to start a business, making clothes for rubber duckies, hey I’m not judging, then be my guest. If there doesn’t seem to be a market for your passion, you can create one. If that doesn’t work, remember you control your schedule. You can always pursue those passions in your free time.

Entrepreneurs put so much into their businesses and often work long hours because they want to. It is a passion, a pursuit that they love. 

 Follow Your Passions 

Look what you did there, you amazing person you!

Your boss didn’t do it, not your colleague, you! It may have been a collaborative effort. I’m sure your received help and advice along the way. But, at the end of the day, your business is your creation.

That is certainly something to be PROUD of!

Likely you will find many people who are interested in your story. How you work and what you do. You can make connections, uplift others, and bask in the knowledge that you gave something back to the world.

Which brings us to reason #7,

 The Connections and Relationships 

Are you actually counting the number of reasons or are you just taking my word that this is the 7th reason?

Being able to choose whom you work with, makes life so much more pleasant. You can connect with your clients and customers on a deeper level when you build your own business.

You also have a greater opportunity to connect with people who are doing the same. Entrepreneurs are some of the most passionate people and sharers of information I know. Build relationships that last and benefit all.

You now have seven reasons that make building your own business fun! There are many more. It takes work and dedication, but is lovely, oh so lovely…

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