SEO – Search Engine Optimization

We figure out what's stopping your website from being the best it can be.

Remember the old saying “If you build it, they will come”? Well, that no longer holds true… Today there are so many companies that are similar in nature, offering similar products or services that companies can no longer build their company and website and wait for people to land on their page. An online marketing strategy needs to be put in place to make sure your business is visible whenever someone searches for the products you offer. We feel that crafting an online marketing strategy is both an art and science, and striking the right balance is what sets your top SEO companies apart.
Some of the steps which we follow to increase your relevance in search engines and drive more traffic to your website include:


Website optimization
HTML Coding & Tags
Keyword research, position and analytics
Website sitemap
Content Marketing
Website redesign (if necessary)
Google Analytic Research


Link building across various platforms
Digital PR
Social media management
Blog management

To ensure websites aren’t employing any spamming methods in order to rank higher, Google and other top engines have listed their respective guidelines. Don’t follow these and your website could end up being blacklisted, which means your site will not be listed on any of the search engine’s results, irrespective of the circumstances. We don’t have to mention the loss this would cause your business, especially if your market is driven purely online. ThoughtMill has a commitment to all our clients, of never indulging in any sort of ‘black hat techniques’, not now not ever! We rely on our ingenuity and creativity to get you to the top.
Write to us and lets take your website higher on the Google ranks.